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Homeland Security is here and it is here to stay. As we look to the future, we will continue to need boats to protect our waters, to protect our people, to protect our way of life. For years, due to budget constraints, many government agencies have bought highly disposable, low-cost boats ... and in most cases have ended up paying significantly more over time. You have an opportunity to buy boats that serve us today as well as in the future...boats that are engineered for the expected as well as much of the unexpected.

Mission Marine boats are significantly better riding, significantly more stable, and offer significantly greater multi-mission capabilities than the traditional monohulls of the past. We at Mission Marine stand ready to serve you and your communities. Currently we have several boat models ranging from 25'-36' that have been designed exclusively as multi-mission platforms. These boats are ideal for Homeland Security, Patrol, Anti-Terrorism, and SAR.

Several of these models are available for testing immediately. These boats can be sea-trialed in Sandusky, Ohio, 60 miles from Cleveland, Ohio. If your requirements include high-speed handling, smooth ride, stability, reduced crew fatigue, maneuverability, better weapons-handling capability, and value, then please phone us at 419-625-0123.


The following is available online for Mission Homeland Security Boats.  Please click on the line you are interested in.  

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The following is available online for the Homeland Security Boats but requires a username & password. Please phone Mission Marine® at 419-625-0123, or email us at sales@missionmarine.com, if you are interested in viewing.  

Layout Drawings, Retail Price List, Excel Worksheet which makes it easy to price out your boat

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The two above pictures, offering a side and bow view of the same moment, demonstrate the stability of Mission vessels      
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